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Please use the special lens cloth to clean Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Pure White Frame With Golde Sunglasses the lens.Pay attention to hold the bridge of the nose horizontal plane, action should not be too big, so as not to damage the frame.Fall when the Ray Ban RB4165 Justin Sunglasses Rubber Grey with Grey Transpare lens dust dust or other impurity, please rinse with water and then wipe.

Dry clean easy to scratch the lens.If the Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Black Green Lens Sunglasses lens on the adhesion of cosmetics or other solvent containing chemical stains, please clean with clear water in order to avoid corrosion of the lens and coating as soon as possible. Special note: using polarized lenses can’t use ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarization effect.With diamonds or other ornaments inlaid frame sunglasses are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.

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Cheap Ray Bans Mirror arm radian special considerate skin. weak end of the arm design, can respond to face contour and for adjusting. Smooth and rounded nose pads, exceptionally docile , embedded in the bracket arm gooseneck nose pads can do multi-directional shift, provide a more comfortable supporting force.


Avon elastic frame cellulose acetate or nylon, with anti-burning, anti-chemical corrosion function, color will not fade away. Ray Ban Outlet in order to ensure smooth frame shape, so cellulose acetate or nylon frames are 4 days after the grinding process 7. The main parts are connected through metal plating welded together to prevent the frame appears debris, erosion and loss of gloss. For fixed lenses wire tough and durable, can be arbitrarily adjust and consolidate lenses.

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Authentic Ray-Ban Sunglasses have lenses on laser brand abbreviated “RB” letters, font upright powerful. There are laser engraved on the left lens RB letters nose piece is made of 14K gold, above a three-dimensional letters of the alphabet RAYBAN. Two sides of the lens recessed frosted BL logo, fonts clear mission, smooth touch feeling without words.

Cheap Ray Bans RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Tortoise Frame Crystal Green Ray-Ban sunglasses imitations nosepiece material is generally copper, green hair easily. Flag intaglio rough, text skew, with raised hands Aberdeen touch feeling, a sense of the overall lack of refinement.

Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Black Full Framed Ray-Ban sunglasses was founded in the 1930s, the US Air Force and prepared specially for high-altitude shelter violent light. So Ray Ban RB2132 Wayfarer Sunglasses Shiny Black Frame Dark Green are high-quality optical glass lens, it gives you a number of outstanding advantages.

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The Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses Arista Frame Pink Brown degree of lens should meet the requirements for plain lenses and should not affect the optical sight defects. Simple identification methods, it can be placed in front of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, through the lens observe distant targets, such as window frames or door frames, etc., then the glasses up and down before and after the move, the goal should not sway and wave shaped deformation.

Cheap RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Tortoise Frame Brown Polarize Lens color can not be biased, should make the color of the surrounding environment is not distorted, the edge of the object clearly has the ability to effectively identify the different color signal lights. Ray Ban Aviator Black Frame Deep Green Lens Sunglasses Lens color depth of choice, as a result of the activities required for the activities of the site, for different light sources and occasions, the color of the lens will affect the shading effect. To make Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Deep Green sunglasses can effectively block the summer light, the color of the glasses because there is sufficient depth, but riding or driving, do not choose the color of the lens is too deep.

Wearing Cheap Ray Ban Outlet sunglasses improperly, will suffer from eye disease. Cloudy and there is no need to wear sunglasses indoors. Some people regardless of the occasion, whether strong or weak sunlight, even in the twilight, in the evening and in movies, TV also wearing sunglasses, which will inevitably aggravate the burden of regulating the eye, causing ocular tension and fatigue, vision loss, blurred vision, serious will appear dizziness, eye flower, not as long wait for a symptom.

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People in the sun usually depend on the regulation of pupil size to adjust the flux, when the light intensity of more than ability to regulate the human will to the human eye damage. So in the outdoor activities, especially in the summer, many people are wearing Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer Pure White With Golden Logo Sunglasses to block the sun, in order to reduce the eye caused by the adjustment of the damage caused by fatigue or strong light stimulation.

Cheap Ray Ban Aviator Black Lens Golden Sunglasses color lens: also known as “stained lens”, is in the process of making the Ray Ban Sunglasses New Products RB264 lens, plus some chemicals, so that the lens color, to absorb the light of a specific wavelength. This is the most common type of lens used in Ray Ban Aviator Black Silver Gray Frame Sunglasses sunglasses.

Ray Ban Folding Pure White Black Sunglasses Light colored sunglasses to the sun’s blocking effect is not as good as sun shading mirror, but its rich color, suitable for use with all kinds of clothing, there is a strong decorative effect. Light colored Ray Ban sunglasses because of its rich colors, diverse styles, by the favor of the young group, fashion women are more pet. Special purpose Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses block the sunlight has a strong function, used for beach, skiing, mountain climbing and other outdoor more intense sunlight, its anti UV performance indicators have higher requirements.

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Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Polarized lenses: in order to filter the sun in the water, land or snow on the equal direction of the dazzling light, in the lens to add a vertical special coating, known as the polarizing lens. The most suitable for sea activities, skiing or fishing, but the general daily life, especially in the car, does not apply, because it will make you more can not see clearly.

Discoloration of the Cheap Ray Ban Wayfarer lens: there are also called “photographic lens”. Because of the silver halide chemical substances are added in the lens, let originally transparent colorless lenses, in case of light irradiation, will become colored lenses, to do the door, so it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Cheap Ray Bans RB3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses Mock Tortoise Arista Frame Crystal Green Lens color lens and the lens has the effect of the same, only made in different ways, it is the color painted on the surface of the lens, the most well-known is “gradually layer of colour lens, color is above the deepest, then down gradually shallow. The general prescription sunglasses are processing lenses to paint the way.

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In the choice of Ray Ban RB4151 Sunglasses Shiny Havana Frame Brown Lens lenses should pay attention to the surface of the lens, to smooth, without grinding marks, bubbles, the lens flat, from the horizontal direction to the lens without warping. Can get the Ray Ban RB4162 Sunglasses Shiny Black Frame Grey Polarized Lens 45 cm from the eye, through the glasses to observe the vertical and horizontal lines around the line, such as window frames or door frames, etc., and then move up and down the glasses before and after. If it is found that the linear distortion of the situation, the distortion of the lens, not to buy. There are traces of bubbles, or uneven wear lenses, may cause dizziness and discomfort, we should not buy.

Cheap Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Top White on Black Frame Crys syndrome, is refers to the long-term wearing sunglasses, and cause vision loss, blurred vision, serious will produce headache, dizziness, vertigo and not as long and other symptoms. This disease reflected for a variety of discomfort, such as early in the eye near the nose around the site has numbness and tingling in the obvious and respiratory symptoms more obvious, like a cold, was also felt like a bug in the face to climb, maxillary gingiva numbness, home tooth feeling unwell, local blood circulation caused by inflammation of the skin, eyes uncomfortable, decreased visual acuity. These discomfort, more than in the 2-3 weeks after wearing Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Green Len sunglasses appear.

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Hiking is a long time to carry out the movement, which is characterized by a long distance, a longer time. Hiking is a test of stamina and endurance. For hiking in the process of environmental variability, choose a light, comfortable, color reduction high degree of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses, soft clear vision can effectively alleviate the long-distance travel brought discomfort, reduce fatigue, go further.

The best use of Ray Ban RB3025 Cheap Aviator Sunglasses Gunmetal Frame Crystal Grey Gradient polarized sunglasses, because they can reduce the glare of the glare. If you wear sunglasses, others will be able to see your eyes very clearly. When the sun goes down, the best remove sunglasses. Otherwise, we in the weak light of local vision will affected. Ray Ban RB3362 Sunglasses Shiny Black Frame Crystal Green Polarized Lens Sunglasses to reach the UV400 standard, can block harmful ultraviolet rays.

Yellow or brown Ray Ban RB3025 lens can filter out a lot of blue light, is the good choice of sunglasses.Black, dark brown, gray, sunglasses, filter effect is different.In general, the grey lenses can absorb 98% of infrared and ultraviolet (uv), and yellow or brown Ray Ban RB2140 lens can filter out a lot of blue light.The largest blue light damage to the eyes.Wearing Ray Ban RB2140 Wayfarer Sunglasses Tortoise Frame Brown Polarized Lens, which can effectively filter out blue light, which greatly improve the visual contrast and clarity.Especially in patients with macular degeneration, more should be wearing a Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses Arista Frame Brown Photochromic Polarized Lens, reduce the blue light damage.

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Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses as a representative, the history of hundreds of years deep and constantly updated cutting-edge technology application, making these international brands in the sunglasses industry has become a well deserved mainstream products, with respect to the Gucci has a few elite consumers, these international brands by consumers sunglasses the world’s favorite. Rayban is the first choice for the pursuit of high quality people.

A symbol of identity and status, the Cheap Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Deep Green Lens is considered more high-end audience, the brand value of the product is much higher than the product itself. Ray Ban RB3362 has a long history, the production of sophisticated technology, favored by consumers all over the world, the quality and reputation of the acclaimed.

Many friends do not know the market price of Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses when they buy sunglasses. Some people paid a high price but not buy satisfactory products, some want to save some money to buy fake goods. If you do not know the market price of sunglasses, the purchase will not be more accurate positioning of sunglasses. Do not think that the higher the price of sunglasses, the better it will be, choose suitable sunglasses are the best choice.

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A pair of Ray Ban RB3044 Aviator Sunglasses Black Frame Crystal Deep Green Lens sunglasses ultraviolet prevention function, we can’t identify with the naked eye, the manufacturer of the product is an express promise consumer choose and buy has the protective function of sunglasses only reference, we can see in some of the product label and glasses positive such as: “100% of ultraviolet prevention”, “UV400”, “cut off all of the ultraviolet ray”, such as “anti ultraviolet” express identity.

Red, yellow, purple, green lens is the sunglasses?In the past, the color of the Cheap Ray Bans sunglasses are mainly composed of dark brown and dark blue, and this two years, the colorful color glasses appeared on the market, some people think that there are color lenses is sunglasses, and it’s cool, and he began to follow the fashion to choose.This is a myth.

Experiments show that have color lenses because of different colors, itself has certain protective effect to the eyes, but with itself cannot block ultraviolet light, lost the function of Ray Ban UK Outlet sunglasses.If with no uv protection function of colored glasses, more dangerous than not wearing sunglasses, because the human body have self-protection instincts, eyes meet with strong light, the pupil will naturally become smaller, cut into the eyes of uv energy, once without uv protection function on the glasses, can make the pupil dilation, plus the glasses not isolate uv role, then the eye is equal to the portal is big, let ultraviolet penetration, and to increase energy, damage to the eyes.

Cheap Ray Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglasses Arista Frame G 15 XLT Lens Sunglasses can block ultraviolet light, because the lens and add a layer of special coating.After lens coating, at the same time of block, absorb ultraviolet light, also blocks the useful part of the light, make the light transmittance of the lens have fallen.Generally good quality sunglasses, blocking ultraviolet ability is strong, light transmittance drop it few, does not affect the general vision clarity, and lens coating has certain hardness, the surface is not easy to wear and tear.